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Marketing / Account Manager
We WANT someone who can wear a variety of hats and is not afraid to find new solutions to age-old problems. We NEED someone who excels at delivering high quality and timely digital, print, brand and advertising services. You are accountable for a variety of projects, so manage your time and projects efficiently, and aren’t afraid to run with limited information. You are excited to learn and don’t take yourself too seriously. You want to be part of a team - part of a family.

Management of a variety of client accounts and projects ranging from website redesigns and maintenance, advertising campaigns, business collateral design and printing, social media campaigns, content development and more. This position will be the liaison between key clients and internal designers and developers. They will be responsible for managing the projects internally and ensuring clients receive exceptional service and advice throughout the process. Regular duties will include:

Leads the group in the initial stages of a project by outlining issues, communicating direction and desired outcomes, goal setting, commitments, and helping participants understand their tasks, roles, accomplishments and contributions to the process.

Oversees marketing projects ensuring the quality and timeliness of work commitments and achieves results with little or no oversight, and demonstrates reliability and integrity on a daily basis. Is proactive with clients and internal stakeholders, and adapts and responds to changing conditions, priorities, technologies and requirements.

Overseeing the website design and development process for a client including, but not exclusive to: initial interviews and research, concept and strategy, keyword research and analysis, development of recommended site structure and content strategy, design and edits, art direct of photography (if applicable), content and image retrieval, development and/or migration, as well as overseeing website development and functionality ensuring all decisions work to enhance a client’s overall brand and business strategy.

Overseeing management of advertising campaigns for clients including, but not exclusive to: brainstorming with marketing team and art directors, determining strategy and key messaging for campaign, working with art director and copywriters determine campaign messaging and visuals to reinforce the client’s brand, build awareness and/or drive specific objectives e.g. highlight a new practice, new client calls etc.

Takes client directives and advertising/brand strategy and develops content needs and requirements. Where applicable, will write copy and content on behalf of client ensuring material is grammatically correct and client focused. If applicable, will work with internal and external copywriters to obtain required content ensuring accuracy of material and voice of client is consistent.

Throughout the project development process sets up regular meetings with team to ensure you are up-to-date on their progress, make yourself available to answer questions, be a sounding board for ideas and questions and help them find answers to their problems. This also includes providing constructive feedback, positive reinforcement and public acknowledgement of success along the way.

Accurately estimates duration and level of difficulty of tasks and projects, setting out goals and objectives, budgets and work plans for completion.

Specific Requirements

Client Service and Requirements:

Effectively builds constructive, friendly, professional relationships with all current and potential clients, as well as colleagues. Works to break a client’s issues down to the core problems and then devises the most efficient, strategic and effective solution to solve it. A client’s success is personal to us and we strive to build meaningful relationships with each of our clients.

Establishes a team-like mentality through sharing information or expertise, working together to solve problems, and putting team success first and builds a sense of shared accomplishment by becoming an advocate for the group's decisions.

Engages and aligns others within the workplace and team to organizational objectives and strategies and provides an established path of direction, explanations on why and how their task fits into the overall big picture, clear expectations with regards to end results/goals and specific deadlines, and empowering them to deliver.

Provides superior service to both internal and external clients. Ensures and maintains client satisfaction with the product and services offered by the organization.

Follows through on commitments and responds to inquiries, emails, requests and complaints in a timely fashion (within 1-2 hours where possible and definitely within 24 hours).

This position will include occasional travel for client meetings and conferences.



Post-secondary diploma in Marketing or degree in Business/Commerce

Five or more years of Project and Account Management or Marketing Management experience


Exceptional if you have:

Experience in legal and/or professional client service sectors;

Experience with brand strategy or advertising campaign development;

Extensive experience leading website projects, especially those within the Sitefinity platform;

Experience writing copy and content;

Works well under pressure and deadlines;

Excessively organized and has an excellent attention to detail;

Excellent knowledge and experience with Microsoft Software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.);

A “can do” attitude and a strong desire to learn from and share with the people you work with.

Contact Details
Cubicle Fugitive

Cubicle Fugitive is a full-service brand, marketing and web development agency that provides high-calibre services to large and small companies, particularly those in the Professional Service, Education and Health sectors. We offer a fun, friendly work environment filled with great people and competitive salaries.

Cindy Harrison
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Company Name Cubicle Fugitive
Posted Date 1/24/2018
Job Type One year full-time contract, with the potential for permanent following.
Employment Type Contract
Location Hamilton,Ontario
City Hamilton
State Ontario
Country Canada
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